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ULTA RESEARCH SERVICES LLC administrative offices are located in the same building.  If you are a VENDOR, have questions regarding BILLING or have other questions about ULTA Research Services LLC, please direct your correspondence to the following address:

625 N. Michigan Avenue,
Suite 2250
Chicago, Illinois 60611

If you are a CLIENT and would like more information regarding our services, please call Sandy Lewis at (312) 878-8801 ext 11 or email us at:

If you are a RESPONDENT or a potential RESPONDENT and would like information about participating in a research exercise, please call Debra “Lovely” Thomas at (312) 878-8801 ext. 13 or email us at:

ULTA RESEARCH SERVICES LLC partners with facilities nationwide for research exercises.  In Chicagoland, our partner is NATIONAL QUALITATIVE CENTERS, INC. (NQC).

If you are a CLIENT or a RESPONDENT attending a research exercise in the Chicago area, please proceed to our partner facility, NQC, located at the following address:

625 N. Michigan Avenue,
Suite 1400
Chicago, Illinois 60611
(Southeast Corner of Ontario & Michigan Avenue)