About Us


ULTA Research Services LLC is a marketing opinion research and recruiting company located on the Magnificent Mile in downtown Chicago.  We specialize in recruiting and facilitating qualitative opinion research exercises on a nationwide scale.  If you are a client interested in learning more about our services or in obtaining a bid, please visit the “Client Research & Recruiting” section of this website.  If you are a respondent interested in participating in opinion research exercises, please visit the “Join Our Database” section of this website.  If you have any other questions, please see the “General Information” section of the website for contact information and general questions about us.

Our Team

At ULTA Research Services LLC, we believe every one of our staff is an important part of our team.  As a team, we work together to meet the goals of our clients.  Our combined 50 years’ of industry experience ensures that we can meet any challenge, resulting in a successful outcome for all.  Our recruiting staff has an average of 10 years’ of industry experience, and many have been working together for several years.

Sandy Lewis

sandy lewis-1-1SmHeading our team is Sandra “Sandy” Lewis, President and Co-Founder of Ulta Research Services LLC.  Sandy has over 30 years’ experience in the marketing opinion research and recruiting field.  Prior to founding Ulta Research, Sandy served as the Executive Vice President for Savitz Field and Focus, where she was responsible for national operations across 5 focus group facilities, including facilities in Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles and Atlanta.  Sandy has been a member of the National and Chicago Chapter of the Marketing Research Association since 1977.  Establishing long term, solid relationships with her clients is her primary goal.  To date, she has successfully met that goal by providing excellent customer service and ensuring client satisfaction on every level.  When not at work, Sandy enjoys spending time with her family and all the activities of her granddaughter.


Director of Recruiting Services
Debra “Lovely” Thomas

DebraSmA vital part of our research team is Debra “Lovely” Thomas, Director of Recruiting Services.  Debra has over 18 years’ of experience as a Recruiting Supervisor and Director.  Lovely is known for her loving spirit, being a hard worker and providing excellent recruiting.  Clients always compliment her on meeting specified demographics and maintaining quota specifications.  Lovely is always willing to go beyond the call of duty for her clients to insure that their experience is “lovely”.  She has an excellent rapport with her clients and interacts well with the respondents.  Lovely is always looking for new respondents, she often ventures out to various communities, she attends various cultural events and spends many hours on social networking sites.  She has a passion for Market Research and gives credit to Sandy Lewis, her staff, her family, especially her beautiful daughter and grandchildren for her success.


Manager of Information Technology & Marketing
Alexander Ray

Keeping our team up to date with the newest technology and recruiting tools is Alexander “Alex” Ray, Manager of Information Technology & Marketing.  Alexander has over 7 years’ experience in the market opinion research field.  Prior to his new endeavor with ULTA Research, Alexander provided a wide variety of technology solutions for Savitz Field and Focus assisting staff with database management and technology solutions for clients.  Alexander is strongly committed to ensuring that technology is user friendly and creates an environment for creative thinking and problem solving amongst clients and colleagues.


In addition to Sandy and Debra, we have a dedicated team of knowledgeable recruiters and other staff that truly enjoy working together in a collaborative environment to provide the best service possible for our clients.  Please contact us with any questions or solutions on how we can serve you better.